Our Service Offerings

Estrella Group delivers a wide range of experts across the fields of Information Technology and Professional Services. We address our customers’ specialized requirements and needs by combining technical experts with experienced management personnel.

Information Technology & Professional Services

Estrella Group provides a full suite of IT services including but not limited to Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Software Development for Mobile and Web Platforms, Network Solutions, Database Design & Development, Business Intelligence. Program & Project Management and Help Desk Support for our customers across Defense and Civilian agencies. We provides a wide range of professional services for our clients spanning program management, marketing and graphic design, and other administrative support. We employ a range of certified experts to ensure our ability to design, implement, and execute tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs while implementing best practice solutions for our customers.
  • Project Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Information Assurance/COMSEC
  • Application Development
  • IT Engineering
  • Program Management
  • Acquisition Management
  • Financial Management
  • SAP Security
  • Help Desk Support
  • Server Administration
  • Database Design & Development
  • Web/SharePoint Services
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing and Design
  • Administrative Support
  • Capabilities Development

Financial Management

Estrella Group LLC provides expert financial management analysis, legislative compliance support and systems development and sustainment support. Estrella is experienced in:
  • Integrated systems solutions for CFO Act Compliance
  • Financial Management and Budgeting Analysis
  • Weapon System Cost Retrieval Systems
  • Cost Accounting Production Reporting System
  • Automated Project Ordering System
  • Inventory Accounting
  • Working Capital Fund – Financial Statement Support & Analysis
  • Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) “Blue Book”
  • Compliance Assessments of Air Force legacy systems

Acquisition & Logistics

Estrella Group performs acquisition management & sustainment support and functional support for operating logistics. Estrella is experienced in:
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Investment Strategy Formulation
  • Systems Integration Engineering
  • Technology Assessment & Transition
  • Capabilities Integration Planning
  • Acquisition & Sustainment

Training & Education

Estrella provides training and education expertise in cyber security. Our expertise spans developing curriculum and teaching courses across military colleges and training centers, and providing a host of other training-related services.
  • Course Instruction
  • Curriculum Development
  • test
  • Technical Writing
  • Other Services
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