Health Insurance

Estrella Group provides variety of options on PPO for each employee to choose from. The plans are with a major medical carrier. Estrella Group pays for over 75% of the PPO premium cost for the employee and also contributes significantly towards the premium cost for dependents.

Dental Plan

Estrella Group offers a comprehensive dental plan.

Vision Care Discount Plans

Estrella Group offers several plans that provide for discounts on eye exams, lenses and frames.

Educational Assistance

Estrella Group offers tuition reimbursement for courses at an accredited school that are related to an employee’s job. Estrella Group also offers professional development and training.


Estrella Group offers ten paid holidays per calendar year.

Annual Leave

Employees earn leave each pay period. Employees with less than three years of service earn 3.33 hours per pay period (10 days per year). Five hours per pay (15 days per year) are earned after 3 years of service. Twenty days per year are earned (6.66 hours per pay) after 6 years of service. Employees with 13 years of service earn 8.33 hours per pay period (25 days per year).

401 (k) Retirement Plan

Estrella Group has a SIMPLE IRA retirement plan. Employees may begin contributions on the first pay period of the month following their hire date. Estrella Group matches the employee after a six month waiting period. The match is $0.50 on each $1.00 contributed up to 6% of employee deferral contributions. Therefore the maximum match is 6.0% of eligible compensation.

Referral Bonus

Estrella Group actively encourages employees to refer qualified applicants to our company. If an employee refers someone who is subsequently hired, the employee is eligible for a referral bonus.

Professional Memberships

Estrella Group will sponsor employees for the cost of membership in approved, job related organizations.

Direct Deposit

Estrella Group offers Direct Deposit of paychecks to all employees.